Talia Talk in November

Christine Hurley Deriso

Hi, readers. Thanks for checking out my website. And thanks for reading my books! I’ve wanted to be a writer since … forever. As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to take the random thoughts bouncing around in my imagination and put them on paper so they wouldn’t disappear. My mom still has the first “novel” I ever wrote. It’s called “The Happy Family” and it’s two pages long, including illustrations. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly exhibiting signs of brilliance at age six, but I was plugging away, and that’s what writing is all about. The more you do it, the better you get.

I’ve written all kinds of things: newspaper articles, magazine features, poems … even restaurant reviews. But nothing is as much fun as writing about tweens. Tweenhood is such an interesting time of life: a time when you’re trying on different personalities, figuring out where you fit in and making lots of mistakes along the way. And just as you’re trying to decide where you should sit in the cafeteria or why your BFF is suddenly blowing you off, you find your hips expanding … or your voice croaking … or your face breaking out. And it’s not like your goof-ups are exactly subtle. Fellow tweens are uncanny at detecting your most embarrassing moments with laser-like precision, then practically plastering them on billboards. (Or YouTube!) No pressure there, right?

So the tween years can be pretty excruciating … but they can be pretty awesome, too. Sure, you’re trying to figure out the best place to part your hair, or the kind of jeans that look best on you. But you’re also starting to get a glimpse of what makes you unique. There’s so much about you that other people just don’t get. They have no clue, as you’re slogging through your science project together, that you’re going to win a Grammy one day, or invent a time-travel machine, or cure a disease.

You probably feel pretty shaky about yourself most of the time, but deep down, you sense that your potential is downright awesome. You know why? Because it is. I don’t know what the future holds for you, but I know that the more you listen to that inner voice reminding you that you’re special, the bigger your world will be.

You’re the kind of kid I write about. There’s Elsa in Do-Over, who gets the magical ability to rewind time to redo her most embarrassing moments. There are the Right-Unders in The Right-Under Club, five girls who meet in a tree house once a week to take turns sharing a problem and letting the others help solve it. There’s Talia in Talia Talk, who’s trying to decide whether to stay loyal to her smart, funny (but annoying) BFF, Bridget, or whether to cut her loose and cozy up to the popular crowd.

Read my books and let me know what you think … or give me a suggestion for what to write about next. I want my books to offer a sneak preview of your inner fabulousness—the gifts and talents you’ll share with the world just as soon as you’ve nailed your biology final. Keep reading!

Christine Hurley Deriso