Talia Talk in November

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Starting middle school is tough, but when Talia gets stuck in a tug-of-war that tears her usually happy foursome of friends into two warring factions, things only get worse..... With friendship at its core and an eye on the latest teen tech phenomena, this text is spunky and fun. (more)

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A great review from the School Journal:
This breezy read touches on some important topics, from friendship and fitting in to dealing with loss and coping with change. However, it is the relationship between mother and daughter--at times tense but always loving--that give the book its heart and makes it a good choice for mother/daughter book clubs.

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Christine Hurley Deriso's books bring the world of middle school to life with humor and insight. Becca Battoe's Talia (in the audio version of TALIA TALK) is clever, hip and appealing as she finds her voice and her place in the challenging world of middle school. She has just the rhythm and cadence of a middle school girl overflowing with doubts and confidence at the same time.

Also from Common Sense Media:

Author Christine Hurley Deriso does a great job capturing the woes of middle school with a new twist. There are some great moments that will keep readers laughing and that connect the reader to the characters in the book. One of Talia's columns talks about how dorky her mom can be when she acts as a school volunteer wearing holiday sweaters using old slang and getting kids' names wrong. Almost every kid can identify with that. TALIA TALK is a fresh, funny book that both kids and parents will relate to. Kids may even learn a few lessons in the process.


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(Available November 11, 2008)